Employee Fraud Detection & Prevention Dashboard for QuickBooks Online

Easy to understand employee fraud detection and prevention analytics
to see where you cash is going.

We seamless integrate with QuickBooks Online’s to aid in employee fraud detection and prevention

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Easy to use and understand employee fraud detection dashboard. We empower small and large company business owners with the access to the most powerful fraud detection analytics.

Do you have one person for:

  • Managing your books
  • Doing payroll
  • Paying vendors

How often do you:

  • Log into QuickBooks to review the activity
  • Review vendor activity
  • Monitor transaction

We will give you the same internal audit tools used by multi-billion-dollar companies.

Get visibility into your transactions

Our analytics connects with QuickBooks Online transaction data to provide you, as a business owner with easy to understand graphs and charts. We empower you to ask the right questions and see where your cash is going.

Proven fraud detection test

Benford’s Law, Relative size faction, same vendor – same day, payroll analytics, modified z-score, vendor stress, cash-flow concentration.

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How It Works with QuickBooks Online

Once you subscribe to one of Stray Dot Analytics plan, and login you could easily connect to your QuickBooks Online account to fetch data into Stray Dot Analytics for analysis.

After creating a project, click on “Data & Variables” button to go to import data page.

Click on Connect to QuickBooks to proceed with linking your QuickBooks online account to Stray Dot Analytics.

Next, sign into your QuickBooks account by entering your Email/User ID and Password to authorize QuickBooks to share your data with Stray Dot Analytics.

Then, click Connect to authorize Stray Dot Analytics to access your QuickBooks Online data.

Once successfully authenticated, you will be automatically redirected to data import page.

You can click on Disconnect from QuickBooks link to revoke access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fraud detection tests do you have?

We provide over 18 separate tests to help detect and prevent fraud. With QuickBooks Online we seamlessly connect to 12 of the tests. The other tests can be uploaded using our simple templates.

How hard are the tests to understand?

The graphs are easy to understand. Start with the auto-generated report that helps explain what each fraud test is. You also have access to CPA when you need help understanding the graphs.

Can we cancel anytime?

Yes. there are no contracts and you can cancel with the subscription ending at the end of the next period and no addition charges will be made.

What do we do if we suspect fraud?

There are many options. Our CPAs are members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. We can connect you will a professional in your area if you do not have an accountant.